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It took me awhile to get here, but alas I'm finally joining the blogosphere of bloviation. It took a rant floating around in my head to send me toward this journey, but so be it. We'll have some fun here too. I promise. Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to leave me a comment or two. ~ diane

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Book! New Book!

This is me giving myself a well-deserved kick in the pants for neglecting this poor little blog for more than a year now! Oh, despicable me! To be honest, I think I've just been blogged out. Have you? If everyone on the face of the earth writes a blog, how can I possibly keep up with all of them, therefore keeping up with my own becomes redundant.  At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

But enough about me and the peculiar year in my rear view window.

A day after Christmas, we finally FINALLY released my new novel, The Legacy, sequel to The Demise in my Braxton mystery series. Merry Christmas to me! Here's the blurb, in case you're interested.

Just outside of Nashville, tiny Braxton, Tennessee is celebrating the marriage of Julie Parker and Matt Bryson, the unlikely duo who helped solve the mystery surrounding Peter Lanham’s death a year earlier. As wedding photographer and brother of the bride, Gevin Parker can’t help focusing his lens on the talented wedding singer, Emily Randolph, an aspiring singer-songwriter who stepped in at the last minute for the ailing church soloist/florist, Harley Creech.

After the festivities, while giving Emily a tour of Braxton House (formerly the Lanham estate), Gevin learns that Emily is a descendant of the family for whom the house and town are named. When the town’s most valuable artifact goes missing the next day, Gevin and Emily embark on a journey to help find the sword and learn more about its historical significance dating back to the American Revolution. Little did they know how much the bittersweet story of Emily’s ancestors is symbolized in that sword. 

Meanwhile, the town of Braxton is under siege by vandals who are out to paint the town—literally! As residents take sides and tensions rise, the small town is on edge.

And there you have it! There were scenes in this story that developed so vividly, I thought they'd actually happened. Which is bizarre, but I absolutely love when that happens! You'll have to dive in and see if you might pick out which ones I'm referring to.

With the new year comes lots of aspirations, not the least of which is my hope to complete two - count 'em, folks - TWO novels this year. Wouldn't that be a shocker! And who knows - maybe that means this ol' blog gets a couple more visits from Yours Truly this year. Miracles still happen, you know!

In a few days I'll begin research on the third book in my World War II series, following the adventures of Danny and Anya as she settles in to her new home in America. They've been whispering a few hints about interesting plot twists, so I can hardly wait to get started. After completing their story, if the muse stays on course, I'll begin the third and final book in the Braxton mystery series. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you like my newest book, and I wish you a fabulous new year! 

To learn more about The Legacy, pop over to Amazon HERE