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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michele's Migraines

Okay, I'm gonna just step right in it. First, you need to know I'm not endorsing Michele Bachmann. I have no idea who I'm going to vote for at this point. Yes, I think it's time we have a female Commander in Chief. But I do NOT think that gender - or race or age or religious affiliation or any of those other asterisks we like to use - should ever be the sole reason  we vote for someone.

But I'm STILL fuming about this whole media spectacle over Michele's possible "flaw" in the form of migraines, which as they've tried to convince us ad nauseam, MIGHT be debilitating at times, thus making her unfit for the job.

WHAT THE-------?!

Most of you know I suffer from migraines. I have for almost as long as I can remember. And they're soooo much worse now than they've ever been. Over the years, we've spent THOUSANDS of dollars on medical tests, neurological evaluations, and doctor visits , and I'm still in pain. I've lost track of all the names of the different presciptions I've been on. I shudder to think how much money we've spent on all those meds.

And yes, like Michele, I've had to be hospitalized occasionally when the pain was more excruciating than usual. But that's been rare. Usually I just push through the pain - as I'm sure she's done a bazillion times - and never have I come close to losing a job over the issue.

Which makes me wonder why all the fuss about this? Is it really about her headaches? Hmmm?

For the record, let's not forget that many, many of our former MALE presidents have had serious health issues while in the White House. Nobody questioned whether or not John Kennedy would be "unfit" for the job based on his debilitating back pain from a serious war injury. The man was on heavy, heavy medication every single day he was in office. (Isn't it interesting that nobody questioned his ability to do the job because of his back pain - yet there was all that stigma against him because he was Catholic? How far we've come . . . *cough*)

But Kennedy was just one of many. History books are filled with the serious medical conditions of presidents throughout the decades. So I'm still wondering - why all this hysteria about Bachmann's headaches? Could it be it's actually something else altogether? Maybe I'm just cynical, but I have to wonder if it's more than just her conservative politics . . . and all about that darn scary fact that she's -- a WOMAN!

What next? Medical records of her monthly cycles and any serious incidences of PMS? God forbid she might wake up cranky before a press conference. I mean, they excused JFK when he needed a back brace and a special rocking chair in the Oval Office. But I doubt seriously they'd allow her to curl up on the presidential sofa with a case of cramps. No, no. We mustn't let that happen. Or wait - is Bachmann menopausal? We ALL know that alone should disqualify her! I mean, seriously - what if she had a hot flash when a visiting head of state popped in for a visit?  Or she has a brainfreeze and momentarily forgets how to spell potato . . . Oh dear no. Mustn't go THERE.

I don't know, it's  all made me very suspicious of where this "concern" came from. My husband wonders if they're trying to "Palin" her. Meaning, the opposition gets reeeeal nervous when anyone on the other side gets this much traction this early in the process. So they paint a big ol' target on that candidate's back. Especially if that target is painted on a dress . . .

Granted - that's just the nature of politics. I gave up a long, long time ago waiting for our elected representatives to grow up and just do the job their constituents elected them to do. Ain't gonna happen. Must be something in the water inside that Beltway.

So why am I blabbing on so much about this? Well, if you must know, I was awakened at 3:15 this morning with another killer migraine - my third this week. And when I watched the morning news and heard the talking heads still bloviating over poor Michele's migraines, well . . . IT JUST TICKED ME OFF!!!

God help us get through these next 16 months until November 2012. (Oh wait, I forgot, we're not supposed to mention "God" in connection with our government. My bad.)

Apologies for the whinefest. Anyone seen my Imitrex???