Hey Y'all!

It took me awhile to get here, but alas I'm finally joining the blogosphere of bloviation. It took a rant floating around in my head to send me toward this journey, but so be it. We'll have some fun here too. I promise. Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to leave me a comment or two. ~ diane

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Farewell Little Blog

Once upon a time, when the cyberworld was young and bursting forth with bloggers sharing every thought that came into their minds, I too joined their ranks. Alas, as we soon discovered, no one on the face of the earth has time to read them all. Still, we felt we had things to say so we kept on blogging until the cobwebs grew thick and the words no longer mattered in a world drowning with them.

But first, an apology. For some reason, the gods of Blogger have neglected to notify me of most of the comments readers have left me from time to time. In some cases, these same digital deities also made it impossible for readers to submit a comment. If you have commented - or weren't allowed to - I place the blame entirely on them, but I'm truly sorry for the miscommunication. If you know me at all, you know I love to stay in touch with my readers!

Alas, it is time to bid farewell to my blogosphere. I shall keep the site live so that those of you who happen to wander by can take a look at the archives and see what I used to blab on and on about.

In the meantime, my website will be my cyber Home Sweet Home, and I hope you'll pop over there from time to time. There you can catch up on my new books that never quite made it to this blog. Just click HERE.

Thank you for all the years we've shared.

Ciao for now,