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It took me awhile to get here, but alas I'm finally joining the blogosphere of bloviation. It took a rant floating around in my head to send me toward this journey, but so be it. We'll have some fun here too. I promise. Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to leave me a comment or two. ~ diane

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Little Spring in Our Step?

FINALLY! Some spring-like weather in Nashville! It's supposed to hit 68 degrees today and we are LOVING it! You know the weather is improving when our resident golfer is up out of bed before 8:30 in the morning! (Just so you know, he's not a slacker - he's still job-hunting!) But who can pass up a chance to play FREE GOLF at a beautiful private course on a day like this? I ask you! 

Before he left the house, I snapped this shot of him getting some puppy love from Darby. Our sweet little malti-poo (not-so-much "malti" but a whole lotta "poo") had a rough weekend of seizures followed by the strange, bizarre "zone" she goes into after them. So it was nice to have our Darby back to normal this morning. And oh, how she loves her some Ben, any day, any time! (Thankfully she has an appointment at the doggie spa later this week!)

So tell me, what "signs" are you enjoying today that spring is on the way?

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