Hey Y'all!

It took me awhile to get here, but alas I'm finally joining the blogosphere of bloviation. It took a rant floating around in my head to send me toward this journey, but so be it. We'll have some fun here too. I promise. Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to leave me a comment or two. ~ diane

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thankful This Morning . . .

Sometimes we just need to stop and focus on the little things we so often take for granted. This morning, I'm thankful for . . .

A symphony of birdsong during my morning prayer time.

The strangely comforting sound of a train's whistle in the distance.

The contented sigh of the sleeping pup beside me.

A great night's sleep buried under blankets in a nice warm bed.

The convenience of electricity after a transformer blew earlier!

Our Monday nights with Dad coming over for dinner.

A hot shower on a cold night.

Friends who make life rich and so much more colorful.

A husband who works so hard to provide for his family.

An editor/publisher who's given life to my dream.

A roof over my head and hot coffee in my favorite mug.

Prayers answered in ways that can only be GOD.

And last but not least,

My son's first day on his first "real" job after college. Yea Ben!

What are you especially thankful for today?


  1. Hi there Diane.
    I am flattered and tickled pink that you are following my blog and have taken a look at my creations. Thanks so much.