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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Night

Ken & I are huge movie buffs. Several times a week, we relax at the end of the day by popping in a DVD to watch. When our son Ben worked at a local movie theater while he was in high school, we got free passes whenever we wanted them. Perks of his job and we loved it! Now we rarely go out to see movies, opting to save a little cash by waiting for them on Netflix or OnDemand.

When the Oscars come along, we usually watch just for fun. This year, I'm rooting for Blind Side, the story of NFL player Michael Oher and the Tuohy family of Memphis who took him off the streets. Sandra Bullock was fantastic. The movie is up for Best Picture, and Bullock is nominated for Best Actress.

But I'm torn. I also ADORED Julie & Julia. In fact, we watched it again last night. Meryl Streep was brilliant as Julia Childs! We laughed out loud just at the tones of her voice and mannerisms. "Bon appetite!" I actually think her portrayal of the quirky famous cook deserves the Oscar for Best Actress, even though I loved Sandra Bullock's performance in Blind Side. Stanley Tucci was delightful as Julia Child's husband.

But will someone please tell me why Hollywood always feels the need to drop at least one F*bomb in a movie where it's completely out of place? It was so unnecessary!

Of course Hollywood has its own set of criteria for these things. I'm sure Avatar will take home an armload of statues, but I am SO done with special effects. I have not seen it and don't plan to. And not just because I get a migraine just hearing the word IMAX. I also despise the message of that movie. Evil man destroying planet Earth. Gee, there's an original plot. Mr. Cameron, I loved Titanic but you can keep your politically correct world of Avatar. And that's all I have to say about that.

So we'll pop some popcorn, star gaze during the Red Carpet, then cheer on my two favorite movies of the year.

Who will YOU be cheering for?

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  1. We don't watch. I think because we don't see many movies so don't even have a clue ;) Not that we don't WANT to see movies. I just asked Paul what is the last movie we watched and Katie chimed in "Alvin & the Chipmunks" Not quite what I meant - ha, ha!!